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Balanced Essence is a lifestyle and business management firm that helps people find and sustain their balance.

Balanced Essence is a lifestyle and business management firm dedicated to helping people find balance in their lives and achieve their goals. The founder and chief executive officer, Malika McCloud, sought out to solve a problem that plagues many people : work life balance. To many, work life balance is a myth. Balanced Essence seeks to show you that work life balance is both attainable and sustainable.

Malika McCloud was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. She graduated from Marian Catholic High School and went on to attend and graduate from the University of Iowa with a degree in Enterprise Leadership. While at the University Iowa, she was an avid leader and sat on multiple executive boards. She also worked in various setting while taking a full course load. During this time, she struggled to balance all of these responsibilities. However, through her struggle she gained so much wisdom and grew as a person.

After graduating from college, Malika began her career at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City. While at Goldman, she worked in operations and credit risk. She was also involved in various efforts to foster community and personal development. After three years at Goldman Sachs, she moved back to Chicago to work for Bank of America as a financial advisor. She currently works for Willis Towers Watson as a lead investment consultant.

Throughout all of these experiences, Malika has learned that life is all about balance. When a person’s scale is not balanced, life becomes very overwhelming. She founded Balanced Essence to help people lessen the burden and increase the balance.

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