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The Importance of Slowing Down

In a world that records constantly being on the go is glorified, it’s often difficult to relax. While hardwork and dedication often does yield positive results and rewarding feelings, it’s not sustainable. Everyone needs a break. In fact studies have shown, that slowing down can actually increase productivity. Slowing down allows our body, minds, and spirits to rest. Human are not machines and we can’t pour from an empty cup. The benefits of rest include better health, increased productivity, better communication, lower stress levels, better decision making, and better quality of life. One way to slow down is to meditate. Meditation if the practice of focusing in order to achieve mental clarity and emotional stability. Meditation allows you to manage stress, be mindful, increase productivity, regulate your mood, and increase focus.

Use the following tips to slow down and meditate:

1. Get comfortable & be still

2. Start with a few deep breaths

3. Acknowledge your emotions

4. Clear your mind

5. Count your breath

6. Follow a guided meditation

7. Be consistent

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